A little end-of-the-week peace offering to Trump fans everywhere from the big A. After watching this, I think I might be on Team Trump now too.

No, wait. I can’t leave it there. Via Phil Kerpen, fascinating new numbers from Reuters’s five-day rolling average of likely Republican voters:


Note how the numbers for several candidates, Trump very much included, gradually begin to change after the GOP debate on August 6th. What you’re seeing here jibes with what we’ve seen in several other polls confirming the CW after the debate: Carson, Fiorina, and Rubio helped themselves while Bush, Walker, and, yes, Trump hurt themselves. (Cruz and Paul are harder to gauge, although Rand is down quite a bit from the week preceding the debate.) Even more interestingly, the 17 percent support that Reuters is finding for Trump today precisely matches what Rasmussen — another poll of likely voters — found earlier this week. Next week will give us a better idea if Trumpmania is starting to cool or if this sweet, sweet content machine will continue cranking it out for righty bloggers for the rest of the month.

Exit question via Conor Friedersdorf, perplexed at the notion that Trump will fight for what’s right once he’s in office: “Does Trump strike you as a person who is unusually inclined to keep his word?”