I wasn’t joking yesterday. I want one and I will have one. My one misgiving about it is that there are bound to be many painful misunderstandings on the streets of America when conservatives who are wearing the hat earnestly because they love Trump bump into liberals who are wearing the hat ironically because they hate him. Imagine how crestfallen you’ll feel in your “MAGA” hat when you spot Pajama Boy wearing the same one and shoot him a thumbs up in hopes that he’s finally seen the light politically, only to be greeted with “the bird” in reply.

It’ll start some interesting conversations, though, huh? Sign me up:

The baseball hat Donald Trump wore on his mission to the Mexican border on Thursday quickly achieved meme status. And now, you can buy your own copy of the hat, which is emblazoned with Trump’s presidential campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

On Friday morning, a Trump campaign aide confirmed to Business Insider that the hats are on sale at Trump Tower in Manhattan and are “coming soon to DonaldJTrump.com.” The aide said all of the campaign merchandise was “made in the USA.”

Available colors: Red, white, and blue, naturally. Here’s the blue version via BuzzFeed editor Katherine Miller, who picked one up for reporter McKay Coppins. I, er, wonder if Coppins will be wearing it earnestly or ironically:

Speaking of Trump merchandise, here’s an old clip that reduced me to heaves of laughter when I saw it on Twitter yesterday. It’s Trump in his element — selling something ridiculous (steaks … at the Sharper Image?) but clearly enjoying himself immensely, to the point where it seems he’s about to crack up himself at how over-the-top the pitch is. The guy is not without charm, especially when he seems to be winking at his own brand.