Take your pick: You can spend your time this morning watching one of the many longshot 2016ers who won’t be president or you can spend it watching someone who might very well be vice president, assuming Marco Rubio’s the nominee. Nikki Haley will be the star guest on “Meet the Press” to celebrate the lowering of the Confederate flag at the statehouse and to explain when, precisely, she and the rest of the state GOP realized that the flag is so offensive to black South Carolinians that it should be removed as a matter of simple comity. She’ll be followed on MTP by Bob Corker, who’ll feign some very impressive indignation over the looming Iran deal despite having ensured that his caucus in the Senate will be powerless to stop it. Elsewhere, Carly Fiorina will be on “This Week,” Bernie Sanders will be on “Face the Nation,” Lindsey Graham will be on “State of the Union,” and Jim Webb and Bobby Jindal will both be on “Fox News Sunday” in a battle of the asterisks. There’s a fair chance that not a single one of the candidates I just named will participate in a major primary debate: All three Republicans are out of the top 10 in polling at the moment, and who knows whether Democrats will even hold a debate given the opportunity it would offer Sanders to reach even more disaffected anti-Hillary base voters.

One quirky appearance this morning comes from Scott Walker’s sons, Alex and Scott Jr., who’ll be on “State of the Union.” They were described in a WaPo profile of Walker’s wife this week as being “disappointed” with their father’s opposition to gay marriage. Why Team Walker would want them on CNN fielding questions about that two days ahead of his formal launch is unclear, unless they plan to debunk the WaPo piece by insisting they’re not disappointed at all — which would be surprising, given that it was their mother who told WaPo how down they are about it. The full line-up is at the AP.