To cleanse the palate, has there ever been a prank show on American TV that aims to put people in fear for their lives, as seems to happen routinely in foreign versions? For laughs in Japan, they’ll make a contestant think he’s been marked for death by a sniper. In Brazil, they’ll stick you in a “haunted” elevator with a little dead girl and wait for you to have a heart attack. And in Egypt, apparently, they’ll send you up in a plane with the promise that you’re about to attend the opening of a luxe new hotel in Dubai — only to have the plane “stall” in mid-air and send supposedly terrified passengers parachuting out the back to try to save themselves while you scream and scream and scream. I never thought I’d feel sympathy for Paris Hilton, but here you go.

Now, if they had pulled this on the Kardashians, that would have been funny.