The Charleston massacre is today’s top story, of course, with “Face the Nation” devoting its entire program to the topic. Among the guests are the city’s mayor, the head of the NAACP, and GOP Sen. Tim Scott. Expect lots of chitchat across the dial about the Confederate battle flag, which has replaced guns this week as the chief focus of the commentariat’s “do something” reflex after a mass shooting. That makes sense from a standpoint of pure feasibility: A new gun-control push is going nowhere but a hard push at getting the flag removed from the grounds of South Carolina’s state capitol has at least a small shot at success. And even if it fails, it’s a fine issue for Democrats to revive as Hillary tries to rally black voters to turn out for her next year like they did for O twice before.

Speaking of 2016, three GOP candidates are on tap this morning. Mike Huckabee is the top guest on “Meet the Press,” Donald Trump gets the spotlight on “State of the Union,” and Rick Perry will sit down with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” Perry called the Charleston shooting an “accident” on Friday; his campaign claimed afterward, credibly, that he’d meant to say “incident” — how could a mass shooting be an “accident,” after all? — but lefty media is feasting on his bones as I write this. No slack, I guess, for a guy whose most well remembered moment as a presidential candidate in 2012 was “oops.” Of the three candidate interviews this morning, I’ll be watching Trump’s — not because of the man himself but because I’m curious to see what new host Jake Tapper has in store for him. First question, hopefully: “Aren’t you basically a Democrat?” The full line-up is at the AP.