What could be more enjoyable before taking mom out for brunch than watching a series of interviews with 2016 candidates who’ll never be president? “Meet the Press” has Carly Fiorina, “Fox News Sunday” has Ben Carson, and “Face the Nation” has the double whammy of Bernie Sanders and Mike Huckabee, the only one of this morning’s four guests with a shot at winning so much as a single primary. Huck and Carson are already battling to see who can pander harder to social conservatives over the upcoming SCOTUS decision on gay marriage, although neither has gone so far (yet) as to say they’d refuse to enforce a pro-SSM ruling under any circumstances. Is today the day? If not, it’s your move, Rick Santorum.

Stay tuned for the panel discussions at the end of each show, which are guaranteed to feature chitchat about Pam Geller’s Mohammed cartoon contest and are also guaranteed to produce the sort of pearl-clutching ruling-class consensus typified by this tedious, entirely predictable Kathleen Parker column. The full line-up is at the AP.