To cleanse the palate, I paraphrase “Spinal Tap”: It’s like how much gayer could this be? And the answer is none. None more gay.

The logo is to celebrate oral arguments this morning at the Supreme Court, which is funny because as recently as a year ago Hillary didn’t even want the issue in front of SCOTUS. She told an interviewer at NPR in June 2014, fully a year after the Windsor case was decided and with today’s case already a very real possibility, that she thought the legality of gay marriage should be left up to the states. In other words, as a matter of policy, less than a year ago she held the same policy currently held by Ted Cruz, a guy so despised by gay-rights activists that his mere presence in a gay businessman’s home is enough to trigger a left-wing boycott. Offhand I can’t think of another major Democratic politician who arrived later to the cause of legalizing same-sex marriage by judicial decree than Hillary Clinton, and of course somehow she’s the party’s prohibitive frontrunner for the nomination anyway. The more I think about it, the more I think that’s an even bigger lefty hypocrisy than letting Obama off the hook for opposing SSM on the trail in 2008. For every other gay person and Democratic pol in the universe, years-long steadfast support for legalized gay marriage is an absolute litmus test for the base’s support — except, of course, for Her Majesty, because she alone among the party’s top tier might be capable of holding the White House for them in 2016. Bret Stephens:

Cynicism is the great temptation of modern life. We become cynics because we desperately don’t want to be moralists, and because earnestness is boring, and because skepticism is a hard and elusive thing to master. American education, by and large, has become an education in cynicism: Our Founders were rank hypocrites. Our institutions are tools of elite coercion. Our economy perpetuates privilege. Our justice system is racist. Our foreign policy is rapacious. Cynicism gives us the comfort of knowing we won’t be fooled again because we never believed in anything in the first place. We may not be born disabused and disenchanted, but we get there very quickly.

This is the America that the Clintons seek to enlist in their latest presidential quest. I suspect many Democrats would jump at an opportunity not to participate in the exercise—it’s why they bolted for Barack Obama in 2008—and would welcome a credible primary challenger. (Run, Liz, Run!) But they will go along with it, mostly because liberals have demonized the Republican Party to the point that they have lost the capacity for self-disgust. Anything—anyone—to save America from a conservative judicial appointment.

And that’s why they’ll forgive Hillary, and only Hillary, the transparent pander in today’s logo switch. If she’s the only person who can keep conservatives off of the bench, they’ll look the other way at the fact that she herself sided with the Court’s conservatives against them on their most cherished civil-rights issue as recently as 10 months ago.

Via Philip Klein, here’s a vivid illustration of what Stephens means by cynicism.