Giving this guy his own selfie stick is like giving Charlie Sheen his own meth lab.

WaPo wryly borrows BuzzFeed’s own format for its headline on this: “Which image of Obama mugging for BuzzFeed’s cameras diminshes the presidency the most, ranked.” That’s cute, but c’mon. This “diminishes the presidency” to the same degree that Brian Williams’s lies diminish the media’s credibility. All they’re doing in both cases is bombing the rubble. And like Williams’s lying, it’s self-interested: The deadline for enrolling in ObamaCare this year is just three days away. BuzzFeed is Obama’s pipeline to young, healthy twentysomethings whose precious premiums the insurance industry needs to keep O’s boondoggle afloat. Not coincidentally, his “Between Two Ferns” interview with Zach Galifianakis last year for “Funny or Die” also came just before the enrollment deadline. Jokey viral videos are now evidently the go-to White House strategy for grabbing the attention of young adults in a pinch. Makes me wonder what sort of YouTube extravaganza he has planned for next February, his last before leaving office. It’s … probably going to involve the Kardashians, isn’t it?

In lieu of an exit question, enjoy this Photoshopped sneak preview of the White House circa 2016. And as a reminder that, unlikely as it may seem, we can do even worse than O, enjoy Joe Biden below (via the Free Beacon) giving a little shoutout to an old “butt buddy” of his.