It’s social-conservative Sunday on the morning shows as Ben Carson guests on “Fox News Sunday,” Rick Santorum sits down with “This Week,” and Ted Cruz gets the spotlight on “State of the Union.” Cruz is the one to watch, not because of the inevitable 2016 questions but because he’ll be pressed on what Senate righties should do about the standoff over Obama’s executive amnesty. Cruz and Susan Collins want to strip the anti-DACA provisions from the House’s bill on funding Homeland Security and focus on Obama’s mega-DACA from November. That may pick up a few Democratic votes but not enough to get to 60 and defeat a Democratic filibuster. What happens then? If Boehner grits his teeth and brings a clean funding bill for DHS to the floor in the House, passing it with Democratic support, will Cruz try to filibuster it in the Senate? (Spoiler: Yes.) More importantly, are there 41 Republican votes in the Senate to filibuster a clean funding bill? Cruz could afford to lose 13 GOPers and he’d still have enough to block the bill; on the other hand, McConnell and his deputies are desperate to show the public that his new majority won’t tolerate shutdowns, even a partial shutdown of DHS. He’ll have no choice but to back Boehner up and try to get a clean bill through. Does Cruz really think he can peel off a few dozen colleagues with that sort of pressure coming down on them from the leadership?

If you’re not interested in that, the least accomplished Secretary of State in modern history will be on “Meet the Press” to explain what “strategic patience” means and how optimistic he is that Iran will totally abide by its word once a terrible nuclear deal with them is reached. The full line-up is at the AP.