The day is coming when I’m going to give in and start writing up items like this with the lame, Upworthy-style clickbait headlines they deserve. (“You won’t believe what one judge did to punish the neighborhood bully!”) But I’m not there yet. Check back in July, when the summer news lull will have finally ground down my last bit of resistance.

What kind of bullying are we talking about here? Dude:

Prugh’s letter to the court says that in 1998, Aviv jogged past her and spit on her. He spit on her again while she was planting flowers in her backyard, the letter says.

Aviv later called Prugh a “monkey momma,” according to the letter. The letter says Aviv used the slur while she held her two adopted African-American children with disabilities.

Prugh also claimed Aviv regularly threw dog feces on her son’s car windshield and once smeared feces on a new wheelchair ramp the family built for their disabled children.

Allegedly he didn’t like the smell of fabric softener coming from the neighbors’ laundry vent so he did what any rational person would do: He opened his garage door, made some sort of device connecting a fan to a bottle of kerosene, and blew kerosene fumes into their yard in retaliation. One of the disabled children reportedly got sick. Another person who grew up nearby claims the guy used to yell racial slurs at him. He’s been convicted not once, not twice, but three times previously for harassing his neighbors according to

The Prughs haven’t moved because their home’s been modified to accommodate the disabled members of the family and modifying a new one would be costly. Here’s my only question about the punishment: How likely is it, at this point, that shaming this guy will deter him at all? If the accusations are true — smearing sh*t on a wheelchair ramp? — he’s well beyond the power of shame to force a course correction. It sounds like his reputation in the neighborhood is already terrible; what’s five hours holding a sign going to add to that?

Surely there’s some sort of restraining order that can be crafted to forbid contact with the neighbors on pain of a stiffer jail sentence if it’s violated. Here’s the video of him serving his time; the LOL moment comes 10 seconds in.