To cleanse the palate, a slight improvement over the last trailer thanks to the introduction of the Brian Fantana “jimmy cabinet.” Although this almost guarantees that the “60 percent of the time, it works every time” concept will be recycled. Oh well. Sequels, man.

The problem with trying to judge this flick based on the trailer is that the trailer’s about teasing the set pieces and that’s not where the big laughs came from in the first film. E.g., the gang-war scene between rival anchor teams in the first movie is perfect fodder for a trailer because the humor is broad and the joke easily grasped. You can yank it out of context and still be amused. All the actual laughs from that scene came in the aftermath, though, when Ron and crew are riffing about what happened. (“I killed a guy with a trident.”) “The Hangover,” which I hate, is sort of the opposite of that — the humor is almost all situational, not dialogue-driven, and situational humor is usually too heavy-handed to be really funny. That’s the mystery in “Anchorman 2.” Will it be more like “The Hangover,” where watching Ron smoke crack is supposed to leave you in stitches but really doesn’t, or will it be more like the first movie where the improv among the cast after the set piece delivers the big payoff?

Exit question: Hey, isn’t that Harrison Ford?