The correct response here in light of the dire consequences that might result from a few more weeks of Glitchapalooza is “Do you love ObamaCare more than you love your country?” Marsha Blackburn doesn’t say that, though, possibly because she was caught off-guard here — although why that is, I don’t know. She’s a GOP spokesman appearing on America’s most rancidly demagogic left-wing media outlet in the midst of a government shutdown. She’s lucky Roberts didn’t ask her if she enjoys watching children suffer. Maybe questions like the latter are reserved for the evening “opinion” bloc of MSNBC’s programming, not the “impartial” news reporting of the early afternoon.

Has anyone let him know, by the way, that House Republicans long ago dropped any major demands related to ObamaCare in ending the shutdown? All that was left as of this morning was small potatoes involving weak enforcement of the anti-fraud provisions in the law and repealing the medical-device tax. And even that’s apparently now off the table too:

There’s basically nothing left of the original “defund” agenda, but with the debt-ceiling deadline looming, it’s important to keep MSNBC viewers focused on the Narrative. I’ll leave you with this image of a future MSNBC guest from this afternoon’s OFA rally, which was attended by literally thousands ones of people: