I’m tempted to say that Disney should stick to tradition and cast no-names for the major roles. But that logic got us Hayden Christensen.

Second look at A-listers?

A little while ago I was told that two names have been thrown around a lot, and that another star went in last week.

The two stars are none other than…


As for what role Efron would be playing, we don’t know. He could be a Solo kid. But what I was told for sure is the Gosling went in for Skywalker’s son. Yes, that’s right Luke’s kid.

Interesting thing is that Episode 7 is taking place thirty years after Return of the Jedi.

That’s from Latino Review, which reported that Harrison Ford would be involved in the sequels a month or so before Ford himself (almost) confirmed it. The timeline’s no surprise: Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have supposedly also been signed, so “thirty years after Return of the Jedi” is pretty much baked in the cake. (Judging by this photo, maybe it should be fifty years.) The potential cast is a bit of a surprise, though. Are they going to go with only/mostly big-name stars this time around? We’re far enough removed from the original trilogy, and the sour taste from the prequels has lingered long enough, that maybe kids need an extra hook to go see this thing. Co-starring Justin Bieber as Luke Jr’s adorable cousin Oliver?

I have nothing against Gosling or Efron, and frankly don’t much care who plays Luke’s kid. Since they’re bringing the old cast back, presumably they’re casting here with an eye to mimicking the personas of the characters in the original trilogy. E.g., Luke Jr will be a take-off on the bland but earnest wide-eyed apprentice. However, they must, must get the casting right on Han Jr, and Zac Efron surely ain’t it. What you need for the “dashing rascal” role is someone like a younger Clooney, not a teen idol. We already know from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” how hard it is to cast the son of a roguishly iconic Harrison Ford character. Don’t fark it up, Disney.

Or maybe they’ll flip the script and cast the next generation of characters against type. Han’s son will be the one who’s naive and Luke’s son will be the one who’s hardboiled, and we’ll have to sit through all sorts of hijinks and excruciating parent/child subplot melodrama because neither father sees eye to eye with his boy. Won’t that be fun? If we’re extra lucky, maybe they’ll let Lucas script those scenes. Kill me now.