In a better world, Andrew Breitbart would be there live on the scene, preparing to step to the podium and run this show. In the world we live in, we’ll have to settle for this squirrelly little horndog once again fielding embarrassing media questions about his sexual psychodrama.

Two reasons to tune into cable news and watch. One: If 2011 was any indication, this guy’s willingness to lie desperately in hopes that he can make the story go away is almost inexhaustible, even if he has reason to think some of those lies will be exposed. E.g., the mystery woman who was sexting with him probably has more damning stuff that she’s preparing to reveal. Will Weiner admit to everything up front right now, so that none of it’s a surprise later, or will he dissemble in hopes that he won’t get caught? A rational man would do the former, but we’re not necessarily dealing with a rational man here. Two: There is, I think, at least a slight chance that Weiner’s going to, er, pull out. Maybe the mystery woman has something so embarrassing on him that there’s simply no way to keep it from being a huge humiliating distraction to his campaign, even if it turns out that this all happened before the scandal was exposed in 2011. Or, maybe Huma’s simply had enough and demanded that he pull the plug. High drama, coming right up.

Exit question via Ace: Does Weiner really know people at Politico who’d be willing to hire his mistress, or is that Carlos Danger, international man of intrigue, blowing smoke to impress her?

Update: NBC has a livestream.

Update: Oof.