Actually, this isn’t about the trial so much as it’s about media orthodoxy regarding the trial’s supposed Larger Truths. And it’s not a war so much as it is Elder indicting Morgan — relentlessly — for his own small role in nurturing that orthodoxy, specifically in his treatment of Rachel Jeantel. I’ll give Piers credit for this much: Not every cable news host would arrange a segment for the express purpose of having a guest tear him apart on air. Elder came loaded for bear and Morgan let him go for 11 full minutes. Good lord. Coming soon on “Piers Morgan,” presumably: An array of gun-rights experts spends the full hour patiently explaining why Piers is a cancer on America.

Speaking of nurturing orthodoxies, I wonder when Holder’s planning to break it to America that the DOJ isn’t filing federal charges against Zimmerman and never seriously considered doing so given how weak the evidence is for a hate-crimes case.