Surprised? Don’t be. It’s an open secret that McChrystal’s a liberal, to the point where he allegedly banned Fox News from TVs in his headquarters in Afghanistan. He’s kept a low profile since he retired but between this and his criticism of O’s dependency on drone strikes, I guarantee that some liberals will start murmuring about him as a Plan B in 2016 in case Hillary decides not to run. Their bench is thin and there’s a real chance that the GOP nominee, be it Rubio or Jeb Bush, will have formidable star power. If you’re a progressive, who would you rather counter with — Andrew Cuomo or the mastermind of U.S. Special Ops in Iraq, whose stellar military service would defang charges of weakness no matter how bleeding-heart his domestic policies proved to be? You’ll know whether he’s thinking about it depending upon how he does or doesn’t capitalize on his remarks here over the next few weeks. Having the guy who liquidated Zarqawi out in front of the cameras wringing his hands about AR-15s would be a nice asset to Democrats during their coming gun-grab push. There’d be a lot of grateful liberals afterward, some of them with fat checkbooks. He’d have to really, really hate politics not to take the opportunity.

Then again, sounds like President Above The Fray is, as usual, inclined to let Congress take the lead on gun control. (The White House will at least pay lip service to the “national conversation” meme by inviting the NRA to a meeting.) Who’d blame McChrystal for not wanting to bet his political capital on Obama’s perseverance?