To no one’s surprise, she’s just as gracious as she was in the Backfire Heard ‘Round the World. But then, that’s all part of the pattern in the developing “dignified innocents victimized by unbelievable jackasses” YouTube genre. Step one: A dignified innocent is indeed victimized by one or more unbelievable jackasses while someone, possibly the jackass himself, records the whole thing. Step two: A nation reels at the sight of such jackassery and marvels at why the culprit thought uploading the clip was a good idea. Step three: The jackass is roundly shamed and vilified, inevitably excessively by some viewers. Step four: Someone starts a “vacation fund” online for the victim. Step five: The jackass apologizes and the victim is interviewed by sympathetic major media outlets who reassure her that she is loved.

We’ve been here before, my friends. We’ll be here again. When will the jackasses learn?