Someone tweeted about it last night but I ignored it, figuring that a Palin/“lamestream media” alliance had to be an early April Fools gag. But then I remembered what GMA is up to this week. Now it makes sense: Palin gets a chance to one-up her old nemesis and “Today” gets a morning of must-see TV for right and left alike designed to steal Katie’s ratings thunder. It’s an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” deal. For a day, at least.

Said Palin to

“I see this as a good opportunity to bring an independent, common-sense conservative perspective to NBC. We’re ‘going rogue’ and infiltrating some turf for a day,” Palin told Breitbart News…

When Breitbart News asked for a comment about the fact that she will be competing with Couric, Gov. Palin responded simply: “Game on.”

If she and Katie end up goofing on each other on air, I’m going to leave my body and attain a state of total traffic nirvana. One question, though: Is this just a lark for Palin or a signal that she’s thinking of a career move into full-time TV? InstaGlenn’s post this morning reminded me what Andrew Breitbart said to John Hawkins in an interview last April:

Hollywood, that’s where the Left controls the debate and the narrative. Same goes with journalism. I think it’s more important.

That’s why I’ve been saying for two years that Sarah Palin could become a billionaire as a red state Oprah and do shows that are similar to the template of Oprah for the same audience — but instead of the victim template, use the hero template. Make it more uplifting, not about how this person was victimized in this way and we’re going to make this person whole by giving him a house or a year’s supply of diapers, but go out there and find the heroes and start showing people the American experience is not about political correctness and it’s not about multi-culturalism. It’s about E Pluribus Unum. It’s about there being a common American cultural dynamic.

Is this the first step? Exit question: “Today” is also promising the return on Monday of a “surprise legend.” Who’s that? I assume it’s Jane Pauley but all theories are welcome.