Via RCP. Alternate headline: “George Soros cuts the greatest Gingrich attack ad of all time.” Newt, in fact, mentioned Soros’s comments here three times in his interview with ABC this morning; no doubt the footage below is coming soon to a Winning Our Future spot near you. Is Soros on the level, though, or is he playing a little Pelosi/Vizzini mind game? He knows he’s a right-wing boogeyman whose comments on the race will be exploited for advantage. Presumably he also knows that Mitt’s a greater threat to Obama in swing states than Gingrich is. Here’s a quick, simple way to give Romney the kiss of death. Then again, how many Republican voters actually know who Soros is and why they’re supposed to fear/loathe him? Committed grassroots activists do, but they’re already in the Gingrich or Santorum camps precisely because they agree with Soros’s point.

Ah well. Bookmark this now in case Mitt’s the nominee, as it’ll be fun to return to it in six months when the left’s convinced itself that Romney is some sort of cross between Gordon Gekko and Hitler. Oh, and be sure to watch to the end or else you’ll miss him lamenting Obama’s refusal to nationalize the banks after the financial crisis. Good ol’ George.