I’m ripping this off from Ace because it’s a good idea on a slow day and I’m keen to solicit reader recommendations for my own Christmas goodie. I bought a Keurig brewer about a week ago to replace my molding Senseo and spent the last few days sampling some of the endless — endless — different coffees and cocoas they offer. Verdict: Barista Prima’s French Roast and Green Mountain’s Nantucket Blend are solid, and Green Mountain’s apple cider is quite good. Not so good are Cafe Escapes milk-chocolate and dark-chocolate cocoa, but I think that’s less a reflection on the brand than the fact that it’s impossible to make a truly tasty cup of instant cocoa. What else should I try, Keurig fans? My hunch is that their catalog is the coffee equivalent of the iTunes app store: Although the variety appears infinite, only a few dozen products are really worth a damn. All I need is their names, please.

Speaking of the app store, a tip of my own. If you’re a Twitter junkie, make sure you’ve got Trickle in addition to your Twitter client of choice. You can use it only to read tweets, not to post tweets yourself, but it’s ideal for times when you simply want to monitor your feed while you’re busy doing something else. E.g., prop the iPad up somewhere in the room while you’re watching TV and let Trickle auto-refresh your timeline every minute or so, displaying new tweets in a huge, easy-to-read font. It accounts for maybe 80 percent of my iPad usage at this point. Simple pleasures, my friends.