They’re doing this for your own good, kids. Sooner or later, if the drug-dealing murderers don’t get you, the “Zuccotti lung” will.

Will America’s worst mayor listen?

Last night’s murder, right in the epicenter of Occupy Oakland, is unacceptable. So is the violence being promoted by “renegade” protesters who are lighting firebombs, destroying property and attacking police.

What is even more tragic is that homicides are a frequent occurrence in Oakland. This is the real emergency: Yesterday’s murder was Oakland’s 101st homicide of 2011. It is time for us to stop directing all of our efforts at policing the small enclave of “Occupy Oakland” and get back to our job of protecting the citizens of Oakland in the neighborhoods where our residents live.

The events of recent weeks have shown that many occupiers at Frank Ogawa Plaza are citizens of other communities with limited interest in preserving the greater good and safety of our City.

Please, we ask you: Leave Frank Ogawa Plaza peacefully and immediately so Oakland Police can get back to work fighting the devastating crime that’s occurring in our neighborhoods.

Mayor Quan said last night after the shooting that the encampment should end but she’s said that before and yet here we are. If she backs down again, the cops should simply return to their regular beats and let the occupiers enjoy the full “Lord of the Flies” experience. They want to govern themselves? Let ’em, and let Quan suffer the political fallout. Speaking of which, fully 73 percent of Oakland voters disapprove of how she’s handled the standoff and 60 percent now think the camp should be dismantled. If there’s a silver lining in this rolling clusterfark, it’s that her pandering to the “Occupy” movement’s most violent chapter has become a master class for other cities in what not to do. And judging from e-mails like this, other cities will soon be forced to apply the lesson. Here’s what Politico received from a reader after they wondered whether the occupiers are “winning” because they’ve given the media a pretext to push propaganda about “income inequality” down readers’ throats for weeks:

WTF – my office is across the street from Occupy Philadelphia, and I can’t tell you how much we are all starting to really appreciate the stench, trash, and carefree idleness of the protesters. To write they are “winning” because a nexis search indicates a more common usage of the phrase “income equality” is akin to writing the pro-child molester crowd is “winning” b/c a nexis search turns up more stories this week about child molestation. C’mon. Politico should send you folks around to the different sites (assuming you’ve been inoculated beforehand for malaria, etc), and you can get a first hand feel for just how much the surrounding communities are really taking to the “occupiers.”

Yeah, why not? The narrative won’t change — is what it is — but having the 99 percent hurl F-bombs at them or punch themin the face repeatedly for the revolutionary crime of committing journalism might at least make them think twice about publishing especially sick-making puff pieces like this. Good lord. I haven’t felt that queasy since I had Zuccotti lung.

You’ll be pleased to learn that The Corner has now instituted its very own OWS police blotter, so you can follow all the “social justice” hijinx in one place. Here’s video from KRON in Oakland alleging that even some of the occupiers are ready to quit the site now that actual gunplay has broken out. Exit quotation: “It’s not a movement any more. It’s a place for someone to come and hide who has a parole hold. There are parolees at large hiding in there. I personally know of two guys they’re looking for armed robbery hiding in there because the police won’t go in there.”