I wanted to write about this skin-crawling piece in the NYT addressing the very important question of whether Herman Cain’s humor is too “minstrelsy,” but there’s nothing left to say after John Nolte utterly destroyed it. Follow the link and read his post. If it’s this bad already, imagine what it’ll be like if he wins the nomination.

In lieu of that, here’s something Cain-related yet palate-cleansing that I’ve been curious about for ages: How good is Godfather’s Pizza? We don’t get it in NYC so I’m forced to rely on the judgment of readers/commenters. If you’re a Cain fan and unhappy with the results of the taste test here, don’t sweat it — Cain’s 15 years removed from the company and the judges are sampling a pie that’s at least two hours old. We’re not testing his business acumen, in other words, we’re testing whether GF really is this mediocre or whether it’s getting a bum rap. Inquiring beta-male pizza connoisseurs want to know. Which of our commenters have had it (recently) and like it?