I don’t want to blog it, I have to blog it. It’s been a running joke in my corner of the Twittersphere for the past two days. Even the usually all-business Jake Tapper felt moved to snark at such a Pavlovian, paint-by-numbers romcom pander to the middle-aged:

possibility? LARRY CROWNE was constructed from outtakes of Hanks and Roberts romcoms from last 20 years

“I recommend LARRY CROWNE to ANYONE who enjoys the illusion of motion as created by viewing a rapid succession of photographs!!!” – critic

Ace was joking last night that this is one “Solsbury Hill” away from being an outright parody. Right, but “Solsbury Hill” might actually be a bit old for the target demographic by now; fortunately, “Hey, Soul Sister” was available to add a touch of gentle, familiar romantic whimsy to viewers who need a musical nudge to know how they should react emotionally to a scene.

Current Rotten Tomatoes critics rating: 35 percent, three points less than than the new “Transformers” Ludovico technique. Show of hands: How many people paid good money to see this thing today? Have you ever seen another Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts movie? Because if you did, I’m thinking you already had your bases covered.