A memorable palate cleanser. As always with remarkable romantic flourishes, opinion will split over whether this is the act of a quintessential alpha male or a quintessential beta. The true alpha, one could argue, never tries too hard, and this guy is clearly trying very, very hard. On the other hand, the true beta is a dull creature incapable of bold, creative gestures — a description which firmly excludes our hero. If he had gone the Dobler route and phoned it in with an earnest-yet-simple media display of devotion, I’d brand him with the scarlet “B.” But making his own movie trailer, which is actually pretty funny in parts? Alpha-tastic.

It’s worth watching the clip if only to learn an important lesson: While movie-theater proposals can be quite romantic and effective, avoid the food-court proposal at all costs. Exit question: Did this guy really make his bride-to-be sit through a trailer for “The Hangover 2”? Poor girl. He’s lucky she didn’t turn him down on principle.