This guy’s not a Nazi, just an avant garde bottom-feeder who thought he’d be funny/provocative by flirting with a lethal taboo in front of reporters in Cannes. Festival organizers hauled his ass onto the carpet afterwards and he dutifully apologized, which he was safe to do now that his comments had drawn worldwide media attention. I actually really liked “The Kingdom” and “Breaking the Waves,” but as he’s invested more heavily in shock value over the years, I’ve tuned him out.

Why post this, then? Simple — for the priceless reaction of Kirsten Dunst, whose discomfort at being on camera with a jackass making a giant jackass of himself is as palpable as Mike Myers’s during Kanye West’s infamous “Bush doesn’t care about black people” rant during the telethon after Katrina. First Dominique Strauss-Kahn, now this: Damn, it’s a good week for American moral superiority over Europeans.

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