I’m giving you the complete speeches in case you didn’t get to watch last night, but if it’s just the Trump stuff you’re interested in, the Daily Beast has you covered. I half-expected him not to show knowing what was in store, but to his credit, he turned out and took his lumps — stone-faced, as the crowd around him roared. It was kind of him to provide a designated target for the evening: The days of comics speaking hijinks-y truth to power by ripping on the president to his face a la Colbert and Bush ended abruptly in January 2009, of course. The hardest jab Meyers landed on Obama last night was joking that, after two years of accelerated aging in office, he now looks less like the Old Spice guy than like Lou Gossett Jr. Given the usual kid-gloves treatment comics reserve for The One, that actually qualifies as daring. And somehow, even that riff ended up in a nasty shot at O’s opponents: “If your hair gets any whiter, the tea party is going to endorse it.” (Other parts of his routine, especially the jokes about the after-parties, were better.)

Trump phoned in to Fox & Friends this morning to react and was … surprisingly restrained. That clip is also embedded below. Whatever else you end up watching, at least check out the first minute of the Obama speech to see the satire of over-the-top patriotism that he used as an intro. Provocative stuff.