He already signed it this morning, actually, but they went ahead with a special public ceremony in the afternoon so that he could sign it again. Just because. Reminds me of Pelosi talking that long walk to the Capitol before the ObamaCare vote in the House, waving that giant gavel around that looked bigger than she is, chuckling all the way. The left keeps promising that Walker and the Senate GOP will pay for this, which may or may not be true. But if and when it does, let these three words comfort you: “Minority Leader Pelosi.”

Meanwhile, the newest tactic from union shills is to send letters to Walker’s campaign donors promising a boycott of their businesses if they don’t now become good little union shills themselves. Reciprocating could be a fun project for Wisconsin tea partiers. Pick a liberal-owned business, essentially at random, and organize a boycott aimed at crippling it. That’s a nasty tactic, but then we’ve spent three weeks of watching screeching cretins try to intimidate and occasionally even outright threaten Republican legislators. If our moral superiors on the left want to fight dirty, we should be sportsmanlike and oblige them. Click the image to watch.