Four years, trillions of dollars in spending, and one possibly irrevocable new health-care entitlement later, Nancy finally steps away from the podium. Almost 10 percent of her caucus voted against her today for Speaker: Heath Shuler got 11 votes, John Lewis got a couple, and the rest split in ways various and sundry. She’s quite gracious in the three minutes of video clipped below, although I can’t quite get past the irony of Pelosi, of all people, cheerily taking exception to Boehner wanting to rub it in a bit by using a big showy gavel.

What you don’t see here is her using the opportunity to take a victory lap by rattling off a list of the last Congress’s “achievements,” a partisan move that not only wasn’t well received but actually extended her speaking time longer than Boehner’s. He reportedly spoke for nine minutes whereas she spoke for 10.

But now it’s over, it’s over, at long, long last. Savor the moment. And yes, needless to say, he did cry.

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