Pelosi just handed the gavel to Boehner as I’m writing this (video coming in a bit), so today is now officially all about feelin’ good. On that note, to cleanse the palate, here’s the first viral video phenomenon of 2011: Just two days after the clip went up on YouTube, this guy’s already received 4.5 million views. And that’s not all he’s received. Job offers for radio gigs, including a $10,000 proposal to do voiceover work, started trickling in yesterday — and now this:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have offered a job to a homeless Ohio man with a golden radio voice…

Carper said any job could include working at Quicken Loans Arena, the NBA team’s downtown arena. It is not yet known if Williams has accepted the team’s offer.

Williams’ compelling tale also has drawn interest from NFL Films, which has chronicled pro football for nearly 50 years and wants to contact Williams.

“It’s that voice,” said Kevin McLoughlin, director of post-production films for the NFL told The Associated Press. “When I heard him tell his story, I said, ‘That’s what we do. This guy can tell a story.’ Somehow, some way, I need to get a demo with him.”

“The man deserves a second chance,” said McLoughlin, who has not yet been able to contact Williams.

Brilliant PR by both organizations to pursue him but especially the Cavs, who have plenty of spare cash lying around these days and who could use a hard dose of feelin’ good around the arena. Two clips for you here, one the YouTube vid that made Williams famous and the other from this morning’s “Early Show” after he’d cleaned up a bit. Exit question: Coming soon, America’s new reality-show hit — “Talent at the Off-Ramp”?