Look, just look, at what this guy’s been reduced to. Two years ago, he was accepting the Democratic nomination in front of a mock Parthenon; now, to try to recapture the young voters he’s lost, he’s forced to make chitchat with the host of our generation’s Gong Show. What’s next? A tango with Michelle on tonight’s Dancing With the Stars followed by a pitch to go vote?

I’m almost sad. Almost.

The administration’s last-minute push to turn out the vote is spurring some unconventional media outreach efforts. But none of them have been quite as unlikely as that announced on Monday — President Obama will be doing an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

The “American Idol” co-host will be talking to Obama on Election Day for a segment on his radio show, ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest.’…

What, exactly, the point is of doing an interview that will air predominantly in a state that seems to be the one Democratic holdout — and that caters to an audience of not particularly politically-active listeners — is unclear. But the gist seems to be that, in the 11th hour, no stone should be left unturned. Seacrests interview, a source notes, will be broadcast on other stations in addition across the country.

The point, of course, is that The One has long since given up on “acceptable losses” tomorrow and is now hell-bent on stopping the map from turning completely red. In any other year, it’d make no sense to stump for votes in California or hit the trail for a Democratic nominee in Delaware. But this ain’t any other year, so now he’ll do anything but anything to get young voters’ attention. I’m half-surprised he didn’t turn up in last night’s “Walking Dead” premiere — which was sensational, by the way — doing a little zombie cameo. Imagine him looking up at the camera during that scene where they’re all eating the horse and saying, “Gooooooo voooooote.” Chills.

Exit question: For the sake of the dignity of the office, is there anything we can offer him to get him to not do this? What if we offered to give back two or three Democratic House seats won by the GOP tomorrow if he’ll call it off? If you believe the polls, we’ll have plenty to spare.