The One tried to warn us about shadowy foreigners interfering in our elections, didn’t he? And yet, we laughed at him.

Who’s laughing now?

I don’t know anything about the substance of the issue, though my inclination would be to assume Cameron’s full of it. But what’s interesting is that Cameron is a foreigner, a Canadian citizen, who withdrew his application for U.S. citizenship after Bush won reelection in 2004. So what business does he have telling Americans how to vote on anything? Do Americans appear in Canadian political ads?

Good points, but this is a special case: (1) Cameron’s palsy walsy with the governor, which makes him extra-special, and (2) from the looks of things, he’s personally generating most of California’s carbon emissions these days, so it’s only logical that he’d want a say in any environmental regulations on the ballot.

I wish I could tell you this is the most irritating Cameron-related news of the day, but … it gets worse. Much, much worse. Exit question: How tedious does your sci-fi franchise have to be to make another round of “Star Wars” movies sound good by comparison?

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