Via Greg Hengler, I almost take them seriously enough to care. No, just kidding: I don’t remotely take them seriously enough to care. But “The View” is as much a part of Hot Air lore as Humpbot or “dude” headlines or dopey atheism posts, so when a magical moment happens on the set, we. are. there.

O’Reilly’s sin here is to say that 9/11 was perpetrated by Muslims rather than by Muslim extremists, an offense so egregious to Behar that her delicate conscience had to be removed from his presence. Funny thing: That same conscience never trembled when leftist moron Rosie O’Donnell dropped dark hints about 9/11 being an inside job on a regular basis on the show. In other words, fail to specify which view of Islam the hijackers held and Behar’s apt to need smelling salts; suggest that the attack wasn’t perpetrated by Muslims at all and … not a twitch. You’re a good liberal, Joy. Say, I wonder what happens on Joy’s talk show when lefty guests deride “the tea party” as racist, violent, anti-gay, etc etc? Does she walk out then too in indignation at the guests’ refusal to properly qualify which tea partiers they mean? I’d check the tapes, except … see the first paragraph above.

As for Whoopi, she chimes in with ye olde left-wing canard about Timothy McVeigh being a Christian. It’s not true — unlike the hijackers, neither he nor his motive were religious — but no amount of persuasion will get liberals to give up that talking point. It’s too useful in drawing false equivalencies when jihadists attack. Anyway, O’Reilly duly apologizes and clarifies what he meant and the two “hosts” duly return, content that he’s been properly chastened, and all’s well that ends well. Note to O’R: Next time you’re on, suggest that Bush blew up the Towers as a pretext for starting a war with Iraq. See if anyone leaves. I know which way I’m betting.