I think they’re talking about financial regulatory reform, but honestly, no one’s going to pay attention to the substance of this long enough to know or care. You’re watching purely for the gags and the warm-and-fuzzy nostalgia of Carvey revisiting his Bush 41 impression. Darrell Hammond as Clinton is, as always, pitch perfect, but Carrey as Reagan was the only one to get an honest-to-goodness chuckle out of me. The Gipper talking about his balls? Gold, my friends. Pure gold.

Interesting that they pulled together an all-star cast and crew (Ron Howard directed) for a bit devoted to an issue other than ObamaCare. Looks like Hollywood’s given up the ghost. Exit question one: Am I the only one who thinks Dan Aykroyd now looks distressingly like his character in “Nothing but Trouble”? Exit question two: Am I the only one who’s seen “Nothing but Trouble”?