A weird situation: It’s the biggest bellwether of the night given that it was the crown jewel in The One’s swing-state sweep last year, and yet … the result’s been a foregone conclusion for weeks. The only question is how big of a blowout it’ll be. Double digits seems assured, but dare we hope for 15 points, say?

You can follow the results here. With 12 percent of the votes in, McDonnell leads by 27; we should get a call before 8 p.m. ET, I’d think. One interesting footnote to this race in case you haven’t followed it is that Deeds did his level best to paint the Republican as a hard-right culture warrior while McDonnell, wisely, ran on jobs. Just one more bit of evidence that fiscal conservatism, not social conservatism, is the GOP’s path going forward.

Update: Three minutes before 8 p.m. and the AP says lights out. Now we wait for the final margin.