Which dastardly Morrissey post on Hot Air could warrant such an honor? Why, none: He got this for something he wrote on Twitter, as a quickie reaction on Friday afternoon after the White House visitor logs were released. Details Kayo conveniently neglects to mention: (1) Ed corrected his own erroneous tweet within 45 minutes of posting it; (2) HA got the story right from the get-go; (3) the modern-day Murrow has made much more embarrassing errors himself, including those of the Twitter variety; and (4) Ed’s basic point, that Petraeus and McChrystal seem to be way down on the food chain of face time with The One, appears to be entirely correct. But other than that, you’ve got him dead to rights, Keith.

In Olby’s defense, he did at least place Ed in good company here. Exit question: Did Olbermann actually mock MKH for being … condescending? Keith Olbermann?

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