Two vids, one from last night and the other from this morning, anticipating The One’s mind-boggling forthcoming assertion at tonight’s presser that Obamanomics is working. The second clip barely captures the extent of yesterday’s message discipline, actually: More than 100 House Republicans took to the floor to pose the question of the hour, leading to an uncharacteristic Steny Hoyer tantrum in response. The first clip is self-explanatory but reminds me why, in spite of everything, I can’t help liking Rahm Emanuel just a tiny bit. Imagine the elephant balls you’d need to blow $800 billion on a failed stimulus and then turn around and tell the New York Times you’re a big success. Unemployment at 9.5 percent and climbing, $23 trillion potentially spent to fix the economy, and this galactic tool has the stones to raise the “Mission Accomplished” banner over the U.S.S. Hopenchange. You’re welcome, America.