Yeah, seriously. When has that ever happened? Eight years of leftist caterwauling about the coming Bush dictatorship was not, of course, “fear, fear, fear,” but simply prudent, responsible small-R republicanism in response to an expansion of executive power. Now we’ve got a liberal nationalizing major banks and the American auto industry, with health care on the way, and the thought that this might mean a heavier federal hand over the population is an idea worthy of the X-Files. The tax burden alone to pay off our astronomical debt will mean significantly less freedom over how we spend our income; pile on green regulations and the inevitable rationing of medical care to handle demand and you’re well into European “third way” territory. Is that “control” enough for you, Chris?

I honestly wonder how to explain his incredulity here at such a basic economic point. Is it dishonest propaganda for The One? Honest spinning because he believes Obama’s intentions are good, notwithstanding the various reports we’ve had of him strong-arming executives and creditors of failing companies? Or is it sheer contempt for Palin blinding him to the merits of her point? I have a crazy hunch that if an anti-war kook like Ron Paul made the same libertarian argument, Matty would find it perfectly agreeable.