Isn’t he a Democrat already? He voted for Obama and thinks it’s time for big government. He’s a Republican at this point the same way Andrew Sullivan is.

On the other hand, why is Rush telling people what to call themselves? I thought he’s always fancied himself less a voice for Republicans than for conservatives. If Powell and Meghan McCain want to label themselves Republican, terrific; the Limbaugh mission, or so I’ve assumed, is to ensure that the GOP’s platform and leadership are each appropriately conservative. If Colin Powell can help attract people to that platform, why purge him? Granted, it’s not going to happen today, but who knows how it’ll shake out in 2012?

For more red meat, try this snippet from Greg Hengler of Rush saluting Palin. For what it’s worth, I told Andy Levy today that I wished he’d become a Republican — just so Rush could kick him out of the party. Click the image to watch.