Via Breitbart, a tragicomic staple of liberal anti-torture sanctimony from which not even Hitchens, alas, is immune. Every few months a new clip of some critic of waterboarding being waterboarded hits the web, and every few months a new iteration of web users is left to wonder, “If it’s so horribly bad, why is this guy willing to undergo it?” I told a friend earlier today that I hate blogging about this subject because there’s simply no reasoning with the other side. Like Ace says, the left is unwilling to defend banning the practice in good faith, on grounds that the trade-off in lost intelligence is worth the toehold on the slippery slope, because they’re unwilling to risk the political consequences of that position if we’re attacked again. So they argue disingenuously that enhanced interrogation never, ever, evah works, even though (a) sometimes it does and (b) some of the leading lights on their side actually define “torture” as a function of its efficacy. I’ll leave you with this nugget from Twitter. It’s as good a lead-in as any to the clip.