Painfully stupid, but what else can he say? So fantastically huge is The One’s budget and so staggering the deficits we’re facing that it’s hard to even imagine a budget cut large enough to qualify as impressive. I laughed in the marijuana post at the idea of legalization bringing in an extra $20 billion a year in revenue given the pricetag on TARP, but $20 billion’s fully 200 times more than Obama’s $100 million trim. Democratic shill Jennifer Loven asks a good question of Gibbs: Why even announce something this paltry? Why not wait until they’ve put together a package of, say, $100 billion in cuts? All this does is inadvertently underscore how gargantuan the budget is.

Note Tapper’s follow-up about how Gibbs, just weeks ago, found the idea of $8 billion in earmarks — 80 times the size of this budget cut — “minuscule” in the context of the appropriations bill. Oh, and also the footage of Obama urging his cabinet to cut another $100 million from each of their agencies. Using Greg Mankiw’s analogy, that amounts to … what? A week’s worth of Starbucks?

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