Live on the scene, Jake Tapper tweets in horror:

when u see the shots of the media scrum filming this pooch u will be embarrassed for us. And the ghost Edward R Murrow will rise to haunt

Think he’s kidding? Watch the short CNN clip below and see for yourself how far the line of media stretched. Or, for extra gushiness, go with the MSNBC vid replete with anchor “commentary.” I’m also giving you a photo that I screencapped from WaPo’s live feed of the unveiling. It was at this exact moment that The One finally took the reins from one of his daughters and a patiently waiting photographer in the scrum could be heard exclaiming, “There, now he’s got the leash!”

Newt Gingrich thinks the whole story’s “fairly stupid.” Meanie.

Update: Ed sends this reminder of another great moment in presidential pet-owning history.

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