Dude, her first book was a picture book. Seriously.

John McCain’s 24-year-old daughter Meghan has a book deal! Sources say Hyperion has prevailed over at least three other publishers in an auction that began earlier this week, following a round of meetings during which the in-your-face young conservative and the literary agent she shares with her father, Sterling Lord Literistic president Flip Brophy, discussed a number of possible approaches to the book with editors around town…

While we haven’t quite nailed down what Ms. McCain’s book will be about—no one at Hyperion nor Ms. Brophy returned calls this afternoon—but if her recent columns for Tina Brown and Barry Diller’s Web site The Daily Beast are any indication, it will probably have something to do with the future of the Republican party, and how it must change to attract the votes of modern young people.

Is this going to be where she finally dishes about her barely concealed antipathy to Palin? Skip ahead to the end of this clip from last night’s Campbell Brown and watch her duck a question about whether the ‘Cuda’s someone she could even conceivably support. I’m pre-ordering my copy today! In related news, look for my own book, “Strange New Respect: How the Right Almost Tricked Me into Doubting Socialism,” to hit stores next year after I start writing it tonight.