People seemed interested in the way he was received at Camp Lejeune in February so I thought they’d be interested in this. Sorry for needing three clips to show it; the first is the only one that has the entrance, the second is the only one that has decipherable audio, and the third has the most extensive footage of his interaction with the troops afterwards. (And a cameo from noted Democratic shill/White House correspondent Jennifer Loven.) For reasons stated in my post two months ago, The One’s morale boosters on Iraq will forever retain an element of the surreal. But I give him credit for making the effort here. It was the commander-in-chief-ly thing to do.

As for the cheers, Andy Levy snarks, “It’s almost like they don’t want him to fail. Or something.” I’d call him a RINO if he was a Republican! Click the first image to watch.