A very particular psychological disorder, as it turns out: They think giving Tim Geithner carte blanche to regulate “excessive” compensation at firms receiving TARP money might be a bad idea. This is a sequel of sorts to yesterday’s vid of Cavuto pounding Democrat Alan Grayson for writing the bill that would grant Geithner that discretion. Frank’s spinning it here as little more than an expanded version of the bill to tax the AIG bonuses that so many House Republicans supported. If they objected to excessive compensation in that case, he reasons, why wouldn’t they object to it in other cases as well? Hence their supposed “psychological disorder” in voting against this one. Of course, objecting to a discrete set of payments at AIG and deciding that Geithner should be appointed salary czar or whatever for TARP companies are two very different things — but seeing the dopey Republicans who voted for the bonus tax squirm is almost worth it.

Grayson’s bill passed last night, 247 to 171. Exit quotation: “The government can barely run the government… To try to tell these companies how to pay the people who work for them is not the right thing to do.” Click the image to watch.

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