Via the ‘Busters. Consider this a belated exclamation point on Ace’s critique from a few days ago. I get that Frum wants to build a “new majority” and that part of his strategy is showing the public a centrist face of Republicanism. What I don’t get is how he plans to do that by alienating the conservative base, which has trouble processing criticism of Rush even when it’s not being used to entertain Captain Leg Thrill, a man with a bit of a “race problem” (and a gender problem?) of his own. That’s not to say Frum shouldn’t criticize — I link him regularly in Headlines precisely because he offers a different point of view — but why he’d choose to do it on “Hardball” of all places, knowing how that’s going to play with the 90 percent who are sending him nasty e-mails, is mystifying to me. I hope the Strange New Respect and centrist votes he’s winning are enough to offset the righties who are tuning him out.

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