Skip ahead to 1:45. Specter said the same thing this weekend and was met with utter incredulity by our commenters. I’m skeptical too, but not because I put it past most members of the Senate GOP caucus; if the leader of the party is willing to say they can’t be trusted, it’s safe to take him at his word. Rather, I just can’t figure out who the secret stimulus fans might be. See my analysis in the Specter post and feel free to offer theories.

The comic highlight here: Snowe’s invocation at 1:05 of the “original principles of the Republican party.” Which original GOP principle was it, I wonder, that calls for trillion-dollar Keynesian experiments in spending as a solution to recession? Note also how careful CBS was to include Collins’s salute to Margaret Chase Smith, who was “known for taking on her party.” The media’s Strange New Respect for these two ain’t that strange, is it?

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