She’ll get around to it eventually. But first she needs to get that master’s degree she’s had her eye on. And then the money, it shall flow like a mighty river.

How much worse can this story get? Dude:

Nadya Suleman, 33, became pregnant with all 14 of her children after a 1999 injury during a riot at a state mental hospital where she worked, state Division of Workers’ Compensation documents show.

She stopped working, but had the six older children during that time, notes Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman…

There were also mental health issues, Kauffman reports. Suleman was labeled as being at some risk for suicide, and diagnosed with a “depressive disorder.”

She collected just north of $165K in workers’ comp, which got cut off last year. The injury reportedly prevents her from “prolonged sitting, standing and walking,” but as long as none of those skills are required, the job market’s wide open. Exit question: Lauer asks Ann Curry how she’s planning to pay for the kids while she’s in school, to which the reply is, “She’s trying to figure that out.” Was even a moment’s thought given to financial planning at any point during this pregnancy?