10 p.m. ET on Fox, her first interview since election night. Expectations that anything noteworthy will come of it are near nil, but we’re staring down the barrel of a 10-week news lull so let’s seize a rare opportunity for an open thread while we can. There’s no way she’s going to name names on the leakers but we might get a little generic “jerks” rhetoric out of her. Or, for maximum drama, a wistful lament that Maverick hasn’t rushed to her defense as fast as he might have.

Wait, did I say this is her first interview since the election? You’re a day late, Greta. Click the image to watch.

Update: I spoke too soon: The media’s relentless effort to inflate her rudimentary expressions of faith into some sort of fundie lunacy has led AFP to pronounce this a very noteworthy interview indeed. Exit question: Did you know that Sarah Palin won’t appear publicly with people who are pro-choice? I read it in Newsweek so it must be true.

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