Yeah, I’ve seen it. No, I don’t think it’s a big deal or has anything to do with what Obama said. World Net Daily notes that it’s being hosted on “the official website of the Democratic Party,” but then points out:

Like Obama’s official campaign site, the official Democratic Party website allows registered members to post user blogs. The Democratic site, paid for by the Democratic National Committee, features tens of thousands of user blog postings. It wasn’t clear whether the website staff monitors the large volume of content posted daily. It is doubtful Obama’s staff was aware of the pig posting.

The photo wasn’t posted on the site’s official blog, it was posted on one of those thousands of user blogs. Here’s the main page for user posts. Note the timestamps; new stuff is going up every two minutes or so, which means this thing has been buried under literally thousands of items since it was published 11 days ago, as well as dozens of new items on the individual user’s blog homepage. Why anyone of any prominence would have noticed it, either recently or at the time, escapes me. Palin didn’t even utter the “pitbull with lipstick” line until her RNC speech on September 3, which is supposed to be the reference The One was playing off of yesterday. If he was purposely taking a shot at her, it’s much more likely he hit on the “lipstick on a pig” line himself than that he or his staff cribbed it from someone languishing in obscurity in the DNC’s blog dungeon. Especially when there’s doubtless plenty of anti-Palin material to choose from floating around on the user blogs of his own campaign site.

Or is the point here simply that some grassroots Democrats were thinking of Palin as a pig in lipstick from virtually the moment she was named? Hey guys, after the last 10 days: Thanks for the newsflash.