CBS has the list. Rob Portman and Chris Cox aren’t there but everyone who’s everyone else is (including Michael Steele), so unless Maverick goes dark horse for his VP pick this schedule will change to move the nominee to Wednesday night. Rudy is the nominal keynoter — er, why? — but note the spot reserved for Jindal: Wednesday night, after the VP speaks. Has that ever happened before? The VP gets his/her big moment in the sun, and then promptly gets upstaged? Maybe Jindal’s the nominee and the schedulers are just being coy.

Interestingly, neither Romney nor Pawlenty is scheduled to speak in primetime while Rudy and Schwarzennegger are. Why stiff two up-and-comers in the party in favor of two guys going nowhere who already delivered major addresses four years ago?

Update: Ed e-mails to say he has a copy of the schedule and Jindal is slated to speak before the VP, not after. No wonder.

Update: Hold the phone. NBC says Jindal will follow the veep, too, but for the specific purpose of formally placing McCain’s name in nomination. Again, that seems like something that should be done before the VP goes on.

Update (Ed): Want to know who’s not on the list?  Governor Mark Sanford.  I’m just sayin’ ….

Update: Good catch, but there may be a non-VP explanation for that. Supposedly McCain and Sanford were on the outs for awhile, and Sanford didn’t do him any favors with his notorious CNN appearance last month.